Point Breeze

Population: 5,340

Median Household Income: $82,855.00

Median Home Value: $ 366,900.00

When potential homebuyers ask about conveniently located, lavish homes that are primarily residential, Point Breeze immediately jumps to mind. Unlike more disjointed parts of the city's architectural landscape, Point Breeze houses blend complimentary building styles seamlessly into attractive, tree-lined streets that are synonymous with this city's affluent sections.

If you’re an outdoorsy type or an animal lover, this could be the spot for you. There are more parks and green spaces here than in any other part of Pittsburgh’s inner-city boundaries. Frick, Mellon, and Westinghouse Parks adorn the landscape, as does Homewood Cemetery, which rivals Allegheny Cemetery with its’ bounding hills and ornate mausoleums.

While overwhelmingly residential, Point Breeze also offers local diners and destination eaters a chance to delve into some neighborhood restaurant gems like Point Brugge Cafe, and Pino’s Restaurant. 

Historically Jewish and Catholic, the same neighborhood where Henry Clay Frick decided to construct the Clayton Estate is home to a diverse collection of thousands of families. There's good reason for that. A fifteen minute drive west could easily land you Downtown at an art gallery, or that same drive in the opposite direction could take you to the suburban Monroeville Mall for shopping. But between taking in a gala at the Frick Museum and sampling merlot at a Melon Park wine tasting, there's little reason to leave your street.

Adjacent Neighborhoods:

Shadyside, Squirrel Hill, Homewood, Wilkinsburg, Regent Square, East Hills



-Pittsburgh Dept. of City Planning

-2010 US Census Data


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