Population: 4,482

Median Household Income: $43,647.00

Median Home Value: $154,800.00

Dubbed, ‘the Brooklyn of Pittsburgh,’ this section of town has helped the city build its reputation as a hotspot for young professionals seeking a big city experience with a small town feel. The restaurants alone are worth the trip; the Food Network has brought the likes of Andrew Zimmern, Bobby Flay, and Anthony Bourdain to Butler St., the main thoroughfare in Lawrenceville, where virtually any type of cuisine can be procured.

Once a seemingly forgotten portion of Pittsburgh, Lawrenceville is now home to some of Western Pennsylvania’s most prized real estate. Property values in Lawrenceville have skyrocketed in the last decade. In 2009, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh moved to Lawrenceville from neighboring Oakland. The businesses that followed to accommodate the influx of economic activity transformed Lawrenceville seemingly overnight. What had for years been looked upon as an undesirable part of town for many investors suddenly became a beacon of post-industrial transformation.

One of the largest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, Lawrenceville runs from the edge of The Strip District and flows east, upstream along the Allegheny River, all the way to Morningside. In recent years, it has been informally broken down into Upper, Central, and Lower Lawrenceville by newcomers to the neighborhood. The 31st Street, 40th Street, and 51st Street Bridges allow access to route 28, granting quick escape from the flats of the Allegheny Valley.

These days one can’t walk through this area without hearing the rumbling of air compressors and the snap of nail guns as construction sites flip three and four-bedroom brick houses and repurpose old industrial structures into state of the art lofts and green buildings.

Adjacent Neighborhoods:

The Strip District, Polish Hill, Bloomfield, Morningside, Troy Hill, Millvale



-Pittsburgh Dept. of City Planning

-2010 US Census Data

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