Population: 1,843

Median Household Income: $41,477.00

Friendship is one of the most picturesque neighborhoods you'll find in Pittsburgh's East Side. Friendship Ave. runs through this area, connecting East Liberty and Bloomfield to homes that stretch street by street in a framework that welcomes the hundreds of families that live here. Conveniently located, this is a part of the city where a family can stretch out their legs, and live in luxury without breaking the bank.

The first thing that hits you when you enter Friendship is the enormity of the Victorian homes that line the streets. These buildings are immense, sometimes subdivided into three or more apartments. Primarily residential, Friendship remains a prime location for growing, affluent families that want to enjoy the quality of life that goes hand in hand with this part of town.

In this neighborhood property values are climbing, crime is low, and convenience is king. These homes are walking distance to Shadyside's shopping district, East Liberty's revitalized downtown, and Garfield's Penn Ave., lined with independent art galleries and restaurants. First Friday events, gallery openings, and varied dining options are within minutes in any direction you travel. 

As East Liberty and Garfield continue their resurgence, the residents who've made real estate investments here are enjoying Pittsburgh's long arc toward economic revitalization. This should be on anyone's radar who's scouring Pittsburgh for a house with a little breathing room, or for entrepreneurs who want to invest in real estate with cash flow from a renter. Either way you slice it, Friendship is a property owner's dream location.

Adjacent Neighborhoods:

Shadyside, Bloomfield, Garfield, East Liberty



-Pittsburgh Dept. of City Planning

-2010 US Census Data

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