Population: 8,283

Median Household Income: $45,181.00

Median Home Value: $125,700.00

Buongiorno! Welcome to Pittsburgh's Little Italy. Annexed to Pittsburgh in 1868, Bloomfield has been a major mark on Pittsburgh's map for quite some time. Today, Italian cuisine is still readily available, in addition to an influx of Thai, French, Japanese, and fusion restaurants that have popped up in recent decades in the wake of Pittsburgh's dining renaissance. The rumblings of the revitalization of Pittsburgh over the last decade have been easily felt in this East Side neighborhood, as property values and demand for rental space have jumped dramatically.

Bloomfield is easily navigable as its streets, for the most part, are set up on a grid system. The roads in Bloomfield line up to create a welcoming, well-traveled thoroughfare which brightens and adds variety to this section of Liberty Avenue. A few key landmarks make Bloomfield unmistakable: a picturesque view of the Upper Hill and the neighborhood of Sugar Top, a perspective of Pittsburgh's skyscrapers to the east, and it's flanked on its northeastern border by the iconic Bloomfield Bridge, which provides an encompassing vantage of the whole town.

The dining and social scene are vibrant parts of any Italian enclave, and Bloomfield is no exception. Parades and street fairs take over the main drag several times a year, culminating each summer with Pittsburgh's biggest ethnic celebration, Little Italy Days, drawing crowds of more than 40,000 people annually. 

Real estate is available, and the town is becoming more popular. This is not surprising as there's a vibrant cultural scene, it's easily walkable, it's safe, and it's surrounded by other increasingly popular neighborhoods. If you're looking for a section of town that's hip, safe, family-friendly, and still affordable, Bloomfield is ready for you.

Adjacent Neighborhoods:

Shadyside, Friendship, Lawrenceville, Oakland, Polish Hill, Sugar Top, Garfield



-Pittsburgh Dept. of City Planning

-2010 US Census Data